In Mississippi, notaries public have a vital responsibility in verifying the authenticity of diverse documents. To guarantee the trustworthiness of these notaries, the Mississippi Secretary of State requires them to obtain a Notary Public Surety Bond. In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of this important bond and its significance.

The Notary Public Surety Bond Defined

A Notary Public Surety Bond is a form of insurance that notaries public must obtain to protect the public and the state from financial losses resulting from their errors or misconduct. This bond serves as a financial guarantee that the notary will perform their duties ethically and in compliance with Mississippi’s notary laws.

Why is the Notary Public Surety Bond Required?

The primary purpose of the Notary Public Surety Bond is to protect the public. Notaries play a crucial role in confirming the identities of individuals signing documents, preventing fraudulent activities, and upholding the legality of the documents they certify. In the event of a notary’s negligence or misconduct, the bond provides financial recourse for those who suffer losses due to the notary’s actions.

Bond Amount and Cost

In Mississippi, the bond amount required varies depending on the county in which the notary is commissioned. Generally, the bond amount ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. The cost of obtaining a Notary Public Surety Bond is a fraction of the bond amount and depends on factors such as the notary’s creditworthiness and the bonding agency.

Who Can Obtain a Notary Public Surety Bond?

To be eligible for a Notary Public Surety Bond in Mississippi, an individual must meet specific requirements, including:

  • Being at least 18 years old.
  • Being a Mississippi resident or employed in the state.
  • Not having a felony conviction.
  • Completing the notary application process with the Secretary of State.

The Bond’s Coverage

The Notary Public Surety Bond primarily covers financial losses incurred by individuals or entities as a result of the notary’s negligence, errors, or fraudulent actions. It ensures that affected parties have a means to recover their losses.

Renewal and Duration

Notary Public Surety Bonds in Mississippi typically have a term of four years, coinciding with the notary’s commission. Upon expiration, the notary must renew the bond to maintain their notary status. It’s crucial to keep the bond current to continue performing notarial acts.

The Role of Surety Bond Connection

For aspiring notaries public in Mississippi, obtaining a Notary Public Surety Bond is a critical step. Surety Bond Connection, a trusted name in the bonding industry, can assist you in securing this essential bond. Our experience and expertise in bonding ensure a seamless process for notaries, allowing them to fulfill their duties with confidence.


In Mississippi, the Notary Public Surety Bond is more than just a requirement; it’s a symbol of trust and integrity. Notaries public play a vital role in legal and business transactions, and the bond serves as a safeguard against potential mishaps. So, whether you’re a newly commissioned notary or looking to renew your bond, Surety Bond Connection is here to facilitate your bonding needs. Trust in our name as we help you uphold the highest standards of notarial service in Mississippi.

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